Monday, April 15, 2013

"There is no better way to impact social change than by helping empower communities to have the support to make the positive changes they need rather than what others think they need.  It's one thing to talk about poverty and social inequality academically but quite another to actually learn about it directly from those affected. Witnessing people lift their lives out of poverty using the skills and knowledge they have learned from volunteers is the greatest reward."
Rolf Traichel - Uganda communications mission participant.

 "I believe that the CCA volunteer model is a perfect example of bringing co-operative values to life.  Through my involvement with international development projects over  the past ten years, I have witnessed first-hand how volunteers have joined forces with CCA and their partner organizations to ensure that knowledge is shared and leaders are developed to help make communities stronger.  Self-help, self-responsibility and solidarity are three of the co-operative values that are clearly demonstrated through this model.  We can have faith that Canadian leadership and involvement serves as the seed to make a worldwide impact."
Bev Maxim, Women's Mentorship Program Facilitator

"It's allowed me to learn so much about the world around me." 
Colleen Berrigan, CCA Youth Intern, Ghana.
"Because we are able and we are doing what we enjoy. Out of gratitude for everything we have received, we work to make life better for others who must live in circumstances that we cannot even imagine in Canada." Karen McBride and her husband, Blair Dixon, Technical Co-operants, Malawi.

"The co-op model works - both here and abroad, to give people control over their own destinies; and, I know our efforts make a sustainable difference. International co-operative development is a deeply rewarding opportunity to express our shared values and promote social justice. At the end of the day, I want my children to be able to tell their children that I not only stand for something wonderful – I acted on it." 
Ken Doleman, (second from left), CCA volunteer, in Nepal. 

"I’ve seen firsthand the difference one person can make in the lives of others!"
Heidi Hyokki, Ghana coaching mission.
"To gain valuable life lessons from the people and situations that I encounter in my volunteer experiences." 
Olivia McMahon, CCA youth intern, Peru.
"I want to put my professional skills, knowledge and experience to work where it can make the biggest difference.  My time in Sri Lanka with CAA and SANASA was an especially exciting and meaningful volunteer opportunity."
Bruce Smith, Techinical Co-operant, Sri Lanka.
"Its the most effective and meaningful way to provide assistance. Its an experience where the recipient and the provider both grow."
Cory Munden (with Susan Lamanu), Women's Mentorship Program host.

"I have a passion for people and hope to make a small difference in the world we live in. My passion to do something good and meaningful to others has given me the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally- I love to give back."
Trish Rasmussen (on right) Women's Mentorship Program host.

"Even as a young child, I have always dreamed of visiting Africa.. Years later when speaking to a past CCA Volunteer, Laurie Gallant who was a member of one of the coaching teams, his stories of his volunteer work were so inspiring to me. He talked of their commitment to co-operative values, he talked about the struggles they encountered at the SACCO's they visited.  But he also talked about the everlasting impression, the kindness, inspiration and dedication of the people he was so blessed to meet.  I knew at that moment I would apply to become a CCA Volunteer, inspired by the stories I was told.  Meeting the people in the communities of Uganda changed so many things in the way I think and the things I do, and want to do with my life."
Adele McGuire, Uganda communications mission participant.

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